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Manzoor Hasan


Manzoor Hasan, CPA, Managing Partner of various companies brings to bear a wealth of experince and expertise in tax planning, real estate development,hotel development and management,information inovative, business and healthcare consulting and international commerce.

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Who We Are

wrITegroupz is a professional services firm that provides business consultancy and enterprise technology solutions. We provide services, customized software & consulting.

wrITegroupz’s approach is to pull industry best practices and academic research excellence with cross-functional workshop driven methodology to technology innovation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have complete one-stop-shopping for technology products & services. Where there are areas outside of our key competencies, we pursue complementary partners to complete an optimal solution.

Allow us to help the discovery of challenges faced in your company as well as create engines of growth that are powered by flexible technology solutions. wrITegroupz uses the process of people, technology and unique innovation for corporations through its mixture of ideas from knowledge, skills and experience.


 Swift and consistent growth

 Expand to broader business units & opportunities

 To partner with strategic clients in joint ventures

 To provide scalable solutions and services for key clients

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